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About the XML Interface
The XML Interface is a generic platform that delivers packages of related financial market data, called MDG objects, in Extensible Markup Language (XML). It can be used by financial information systems developed on FactSet Digital Solutions’ Market Data Gateway (MDG) independent of a specific programming language. Communication between financial information systems and the XML Interface is via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. Note that FactSet Digital Solutions offers dedicated APIs for the programming languages PHP, Java, and .NET and that applications written in one of these languages should therefore not use the XML Interface.

More Information
The XML Interface is part of FactSet Digital Solutions’ PrimeDeveloper product. If you are already a customer, detailed information on how to use the XML Interface is available in our customer portal at https://gateway.mdgms.com > PrimeDeveloper.

Getting Support
If you experience problems in using the XML Interface, please contact our customer support via the Starboard ticket system.

We recommend that you use a secure connection: https://xml-ssl.mdgms.com. Reference documentation for Market Data Gateway (MDG) objects and market data for demonstration purposes is available via the Object Reference.

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